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Health Protection Agency Website

Health Protection Agency Website

HPA homepage design
HPA section page design
HPA content page design
  • Role: Designer
  • Agency: Kudos
  • Year: 2006/7
  • Key Tasks:
    Visual Design, Running design workshops, XHTML and CSS template development, Accessibility design and implimentation

The new Health Protection Agency (HPA) website has three main target markets, the scientific community, the general public, and the media. Each of these markets has very different needs in terms of content and the level of detail required.

Our objective was to build a site that allowed the different users of the site very easy access to the content they required. The new design needed to be clean and professional and help promote the HPA work and brand. The homepage of the site is divided into three core areas for each main user group. The top bar allows the scientific community quick and easy access to research and detailed information. The main content area is designed for the public and presents general information about the tasks and duties of the HPA, while the right side of the page is targeted towards the Media and Public Relations featuring, breaking news, recent updates and content that would appeal to professionals working in the field.

Due to large amounts of traffic the website receives, the design and code was optimised to be fast loading to keep the user experience positive and the bandwidth usage as low as possible.