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Virgin Atlantic Intranet

Virgin Atlantic Intranet

Final Design Virgin Atlantic Homepage
Final Design Virgin Atlantic section page
First draft of homepage
  • Role: Designer
  • Agency: Kudos
  • Year: 2005
  • Key Tasks:
    Visual Design, Running design workshops, XHTML and CSS template development, Accessibility design and implimentation
  • Visit demosite:
    Access the demo site

The Virgin Atlantic Intranet was a legacy system made up of around 50 micro sites all featuring unique interface designs and navigation systems. The Kudos project team was asked to design and develop a new site architecture based on user group and stake holder interviews.

The new intranet design had appeal to staff from variety of backgrounds including; office staff, cabin crew and ground crew. The final design took inspiration from the concept of flying and used elements from the company’s fleet of planes to add points of interest.

The new Information Architecture was created to be as tasked based as possible with all staff have easy and consistent access to the content they would need to be able to perform their daily duties, for example cabin crew information was stored under the 'iFly' tab, While management information was stored under the 'iManage'

A series of Tridion compatible templates were developed for the in house Virgin Atlantic Development team to build the new Intranet around.